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Meet Dare Dollz, the young, stylish social media mavens who hold all the keys to the futuristic city of Carnado. Xio, Paris, Chanel, and Bleu seem to have it all, but there is more to these ladies and Carnado City than meets the eye. The girls are signed to the Darek Knox Agency, the most elite talent agency, where nothing and no one is average. Darek Knox and his expansive team recruit the top students in academia, athletics, and creativity at a young age to cultivate their talents, making them the ultimate secret agents.

Dare Dollz can be quite the femme Fatales, a fusion of mind, muscle, and, to be frank, a lot of seduction. Using these characteristics always gets the Dollz what they want. However, this is about to change when their latest mission involves 2050's most prominent rap artist, 8 Figga, and his addiction to money and fame. The Dollz have to face their most powerful opponent while keeping up with their super famous alter egos.