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Dare Moreno

Darius Moreno

"Dare Dollz are stylish, provocative, pop culture influenced dolls--as well as a clothing line, and stop motion studio. Created by Darrion and Darius Moreno"

Dare Dollz was first established in the summer of 2018 while visiting our grandparents in Virginia Beach. Since then our company now located in Los Angeles, has grown into a creative space where we welcome clients, artists and collaborators.

We provide services through our design & art studio such as storyboarding, character design, set design, photoshoots, and stop motion video shoots.

Our videos & artworks have been featured in multiple publications such as Vice, Office Magazine, Paper, The Fader, Source, New York Mag, Bubblegum Club, and Redbull radio.

To contact us feel free to shoot us an email at

Recent Work:
Press + Past Clients:
ViceOffice MagazinePaperThe FaderSourceBubblegum ClubRedbull RadioEverPressNaveszn