Darius and Dare Moreno are the creators of Dare Dollz. The brother/sister duo grew up in Washington D.C. before moving to NYC in their late teens.

They attended performing arts schools such as the Ellington School of the Arts in D.C., studying fine art, writing, and theater. Outside of school, the Moreno's spent most of their time creating. Whether it was building homes made up of shoeboxes for their toys or creating comic books with their friends, it was no surprise they would grow to become sought after creators.

Darius, the youngest twin, illustrated the 2012 Christmas card for the Obamas before graduating high school. He then majored in illustration at The New School of Design, wherein his Junior year, he painted the cover of Goldlink's grammy nominated album At What Cost.

Dare, however, was not always a visual artist. She majored in theater and minored in writing at Penn state. When she moved to New York in 2015, she became a food vlogger (video blogger), creating a popular web series titled A Girl's Gotta Eat!. The vlog landed Moreno in multiple publications such as N.Y., Vice, and Office magazine. In addition, the exposure led to her filming episodes in various countries like Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea.

In the summer of 2018, while visiting their grandmother, a porcelain doll collector, the twins got the idea to create their own dolls. They already had sculpting and sewing experience and used it to invent the flashy, bold, and fabulous characters now known as the Dare Dollz. Darius and Dare are now based out of Los Angeles, where they produce dolls, comics, claymation, and other creative projects in their home studio.

For business/press inquires shoot us an email at daredollz95@gmail.com

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