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Meet Demi, Paris, Chanel, and Bleu, known as Dare Dollz, the young, stylish social media mavens who seem to have it all, but there is more to these ladies than meets the eye. They are elite special agents who lead double lives as prominent social media influencers in the hyper-advanced metropolis of Carnado. Their latest mission is as complex as their dual identities: to capture notorious rap artist and criminal mastermind 8 Figga.

In the race against time, the agents must use every resource, from advanced tech gadgets to social media prowess, to outsmart 8 Figga. Their struggle against him tests their loyalties, friendships, and individual strengths, culminating in a climactic showdown that could forever change the face of Carnado.

"Dare Dollz: Age of Consent" is a thrilling, futuristic tale that fuses elements of science fiction, action, and drama, exploring themes of identity, technology, and the lengths one will go to uphold justice.